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Genetics to Athletics - Gene Guru Set to Revolutionize Athletic Training

When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003 and humanity gained more insight on the individual nucleotide basepairs that help determine our fate, we were left to question what we could do with all the information we possessed. Ideas of personalized medicine and customized health care based on an individual's genetic information emerged and began to be discussed. 23 and Me capitalized on this industry to make predictions based on specific genetic variants to help determine a person's disease risk, ancestry, and inherited traits. With this technology becoming cheaper and cheaper to use, and people looking to change their lifestyles and medicinal choices based on this information, a company is now ready to potentially revolutionize the world of athletic training and nutrition.

Gene Guru is taking the genetic information gained from a $99 23 and Me kit and using it to customize dieting and athletic performance plans for their customers. The company will use your own genetic information, the data that makes you in fact you, to help you reach your peak. These programs will also be based on your own goals, whether it be to lose weight, to make gains in the weight room, or even to slow the effects of aging. The profile will recommend supplements, dietary needs, and athletic exercises that will most help you reach your goals based on your genotype. They will provide information on allergens, develop programs based on your socioeconomic status and needs, and can also customize the training program based on whether you would want to reach your goals with or without training supplements and your dietary needs in mind. The most amazing part of this though: it's free of charge.

Imagine having an exercise program tailored for performance based on your genes. Each one of us is one of a kind, and we all have specific needs. These programs could change the athletic training market forever, as each person could reach their goals faster and more efficiently than ever before. This could potentially end the problem of certain people responding to an athletic program much greater than someone else. These programs will always be evolving based on results, new goals, and new insights as the industry grows. In this way modifications will be made to temper plateaus allowing individuals to reach their goals faster and have new goals more frequently.

The company realizes that athletic training and nutritional programs produce physiological changes in your body. It then only makes sense to use the available genetic information to your benefit in order to temper certain changes and accelerate your progress. The human body is complex so why not use all our givens in solving the difficult equations it presents.

This idea will not be a flash in a pan. Players from the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos have signed on, but with the service being free of charge if you get a genetic profile from 23 and Me anyone has the potential to use this service. Gene Guru is set to change the world of dieting, nutrition, athletics, and lifestyle choices forever, and remember, it's free of charge.