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I'll Tattoo Alex Smith on My Buttocks if the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl - But They Won't

If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, I will get a tattoo of myself shaking Alex Smith's hand on my butt

I stated that in my dorm room to my roommate Sunday night, and repeated it Monday afternoon. Before you call me the biggest weirdo of all time for stealing an idea of a tattoo of myself from Steve-O and combining it with the quarterback in the league I had zero admiration for hear me out.

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently the only unbeaten team remaining in the National Football League. They just selected #1 in the 2013 NFL Draft, meaning they were the worst team in football last season. After firing Romeo Crennel and hiring Andy Reid, who led the Philadelphia Eagles to five NFC Championship games, and trading for Alex Smith, who was benched after a concussion in favor of Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco, the team is a surefire playoff team and contender to many. Much of the praise has been put on these two additions. All I hear is constant praise for Alex Smith, even how Andy Reid always desired to coach him. Even a Duke Chronicle opinion piece at my school praised Smith.

I'm not going to lie, this praise for Smith rattles me. Watching him I just don't see it. I'll give Smith credit for figuring out his limitations, as he does not turn the ball over, but he is not the man to lead Kansas City to a Super Bowl. Smith gets constant praise while his defense is currently one of the best in the league. Kansas City had six Pro Bowlers last season, so the talent was there. They have an explosive running back in Jamaal Charles, who is one of the NFL's most explosive and versatile offensive weapons. If their quarterback just manages the game, that defense and team speed will put Kansas City in any game.

Smith has figured out his limitations, but to me, in the recent history of the league the top defenses he has had have done more for him than his quarterback play. The 49ers benched him in favor of Colin Kaepernick, as Smith got "Wally Pipp'd", though Smith was winning games. The people coaching him knew he wasn't the guy to take them to the top of the mountain. I, just as a big NFL fan, completely agree. His statistics even back it up.

My roommate carries Alex Smith in our fantasy league and much more than I like to hear, he talks about potentially playing him on a weekly basis. To me, Alex Smith is now one of the most overrated commodities in the National Football League. Alex Smith is a game manager. Every time someone acts like he's one of the league's top 10 quarterbacks it kills me a little inside.

The Chiefs are 9-0, but have they played a true contender yet? They are not lighting up the scoreboard offensively and are winning some very close games. I just don't see it. In my discussion with my roommate I originally made the statement as a joke, because he knows how much the Alex Smith talk irks me as an NFL fan. I thought more and more about it though, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Alex Smith, if you can win the Super Bowl this year, I'll get that tattoo. I'm that confident you won't. Tattoo me, if you can.