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Attention - If You Use $12.00 Headphones, You're Not Truly a Wrestler

FlipsWrestling, providing a series of headphones that allow athletes to "flip" the ear pieces in order to "train alone" or "train out loud" is providing a platform for wrestlers to be associated with a product that is currently in demand. Brands, such as Beats by Dre, have elevated the headphone market into something that is in high demand, and made them an item that can be priced very highly. FlipsWrestling has promoted their product with the use of some of America's finest wrestlers, such as Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs, World Silver Medalist Jake Herbert, and NCAA Champion Jordan Oliver, as well as the team from FloWrestling, which is arguably the number one media source in all of the sport. FlipsWrestling wants to produce a product the sport can identify with, which is unique for a small, non revenue producing entity.

One of the other sponsored athletes is former NCAA Champion and current Assistant Coach at Rutgers, Frank Molinaro. Molinaro as highly respected for his work ethic and drive on the mat, and known for his short, extremely muscular frame that earned him the nickname "Gorilla Hulk". To promote the product, Molinaro recently uttered and tweeted the following:

The bottom line is if you're a wrestler who wears any other headphones to train and warm-up with, you're truly not a wrestler at heart

Wait a second, if I don't pay FlipsWrestling $120 to $140 for a pair of headphones, I'm not a wrestler at heart. If my family is not as well off, and I choose to wear a $12 set of headphones to warm up in, I just am not a wrestler at heart. All the hours in the practice room, the extra conditioning when no one is watching, the discipline off the mat in dieting, lifestyle, and social practices is just out the window. I just don't really care about wrestling because I train in cheap headphones. I know the company is paying you to promote the product Mr. Molinaro, but no offense, you sound like a massive sell out.

If anybody understands what it takes to get to the pinnacle it should be you Mr. Molinaro. You know what it takes to be one of the ten guys at the end of the NCAA season who stands atop the podium. You know the work it takes to go from NCAA runner up to NCAA champion. I don't think a set of headphones changes the passion and desire you have in your heart to be a champion. If it did, I'm sure you would have mentioned it after you went from second to undefeated NCAA champion. 

So if I don't wear an Asics singlet because Team USA wears them does that not make me an American at heart? I know that's quite a stretch, but its along the lines of what you said. You're trying to trick people, maybe who don't have the money, to go out and buy headphones that won't do a damn thing to help them win, because they'll have the "heart of a wrestler" that way, and oh yeah, you'll make some money too. 

I greatly respect the way you compete as an athlete, and as a coach Mr. Molinaro. You had an attitude on the mat, a gritty determination and self-confidence many of us desire, and as a coach you constantly go to battle for your athletes, which can be seen at any tournament you attend. You obviously have great passion for wrestling, but think about the words you got paid to say. You might have done more damage to the image you have as a wrestler and your personal integrity than that money is worth.

No headphones, cheap headphones, or flips can provide insight to a wrestler's identity and values off the mat, but they will not change what is in their heart. You can always put money on that.