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NWCA All-Star Classic - Recognize Your Female Wrestlers

The NWCA All-Star Classic for college wrestling has been a staple of the preseason since 1967. Over the years it has grown enough to where people purchased subscriptions to Flowrestling in order to watch David Taylor of Penn State and Kyle Dake of Cornell to toe the line in what was hailed "The Match of the Century". The event has grown to where wrestlers from all divisions of the NCAA, even club, as well as high schoolers and youth wrestlers have been represented and promoted so that wrestling can grow in our country. I am challenging the NWCA to acknowledge the growth of women's wrestling by inviting two women to compete in the classic.

Women are now an integral part of the world wrestling movement, as women's wrestling is not only growing in this country but around the world. Our US team had multiple world medalists, and more and more women are competing and starting to find college programs to compete at. Wrestling journalists such as Intermat's TR (Tim) Foley have even called for more schools to start women's programs in order to grow the sport while maintaining programs at the college level. I know women's wrestling is unconventional, but there are still talented women that participate, and they should get to share the spotlight at the All-Star Classic with their fellow men. Many states are even recognizing the need by implementing female state tournaments to crown champions and further promote wrestling as a sport.

I have experience with a female wrestler who trained at the same club that I did in the offseason, and who actually won the National Title her senior year for women in high school. I have actually had four female teammates in high school. Though it women are often looked down upon in our sport, I respected their courage for toeing the line as I did, but even more so because they had the increased pressure of doing so as women. It is time that the women who have stuck with it to the college level be recognized as my fellow men do.

If we want to further promote wrestling, inviting two college women to compete would be an excellent message of progression. The female wrestling community's hard work goes unnoticed though there exist women who grind everyday like I do to achieve their goal to be a national champion. The NWCA All-Star dual consistently creates match ups for the stars of our sport. We have female stars too. The NWCA should take a step toward recognizing this.