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A-Rod Drama Delivers Disgusting Accusation

All baseball fans know of the ongoing drama surrounding Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees, and Major League Baseball. Commissioner Bud Selig delivered Rodriguez a 211 game suspension for his connection to a Florida clinic known as Biogenesis, which was supplying performance enhancing substances to various professional athletes. Rodriguez supposedly purchased and used performance enhancers, while also trying to destroy and release various documents from the MLB investigation.

The problems between Rodriguez and the Yankees stems from a 2007 contract extension the Yankees handed Rodriguez worth $275 million. In baseball, due to the collectively bargained guaranteed contracts, as long as Rodriguez is a member of the team and not suspended he is due that money. The Yankees, who desperately want to stray themselves from the public image of playing "baseball's biggest cheater", want to collect insurance off Rodriguez, who had hip surgery this season, so they do not have to play him. This part, as fans is understandable, but today's accusation about Yankee team president Andy Levine might be the most disturbing things I've ever heard as a fan.

According to Rodriguez's attorney Joseph Tacopina, Levine told Dr. Bryan Kelly, the acting surgeon on Rodriguez's hip:

"I don't ever want to see him on the field again" 

If this is true, Levine essentially told a doctor to intentionally make a mistake during Rodriguez's surgery so that he could no longer play, thus saving the Yankees $114 million. Telling a doctor, someone trained to help people so that they can live better lives, to purposely go against the hippocratic oath and make sure Rodriguez could no longer lead a life possible for him is sickening. Rodriguez may have serious character flaws, but if the accusation is true, Levine's greed outweighed genuine concern for another human being. This is not part of his job description. For the most prestigious franchise in baseball, the 27 time World Series Champions, to stoop this low is just disappointing, and that's coming from a Red Sox fan. Yankees' fans need to speak out not just against A-Rod, but how their ownership has handled this as well. 

Levine has publicly denied the reports and could barely respond. I understand that, because when hit by an accusation as damning as this it would be hard to react. I can only hope that he didn't do this, because it's worse than what Rodriguez has ever done to the Yankees.

As fans of athletic competition we have to step back from the passion that can make us crazy, and realize that these are human beings like the rest of us. Rodriguez, enemy #1 in baseball right now, made a major mistake, but to take his entire well being away because of it is completely unjust. I can only hope this story doesn't go any further. It's no longer a black eye on baseball, it's a black eye on humanity.